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R34 GTR Vspec II Series 2 style Reclinable seats ADR approved

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Top quality R34 GTR V spec II style seats.

Premium quality Alcantara material is used like no other.

ADR approved. legal for Australia road use.

We have develop the structure, rail, hinge component and even the tooling to make the rubber sheet.

Designed and manufactured for Superior comfort, support, and seat strength.

Universal design. can be installed both driver and passenger side.

Completed with heavy duty universal sliding rail

Varies fitting fit available within store.

Limited stock

Fitting kit for Variety of different car is available.

Life time guarantee on Hinge component, YES LIFE TIME GUARANTEE! that covers any kind of track Monsters will be used on
Hinge failed = free replacement. No conditions.

Symmetric design, fits both driver and passenger . Heavy duty extended length rail are supplied with seats.

Also have seat rail base brackets as well as super low rails available.

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