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Haltech Elite VMS T + Semi-Terminated Harness Kit

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OUTPUTS: Up to 8 ignition and 16 user definable outputs.
SUITS: Naturally aspirated or force-fed carburettor or mechanically-injected applications.
INCLUDES: Elite VMS T ECU (with Advanced Torque Management), waterproof USB cap, USB programming cable, software CD. VMS/VMS T semi-terminated engine harness.

Suits naturally aspirated, force-fed carburettor, or mechanically-injected applications. From Street Cruiser to Blown Alcohol Promod.
  • Colour coded and labelled wires that match the detailed wiring diagram for a confusion-free construction process.
  • The wiring diagram is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the CD or USB key provided with the ECU to refer to while completing your installation and configuration.

The VMS T adds 20 extra data logging channels and Advanced Torque Management functionality to the standard VMS. With Advanced Torque Management based on target driveshaft RPM, target engine RPM, or any other channel, the VMS T ensures consistent racing results and is ideal for non-EFI, mechanically-injected and carburetted competitive drag racing vehicles.
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for use with mechanical injection and carburetors
  • Waterproof (with USB cover fitted)
  • Up to 6 stages of nitrous control
  • Closed loop boost control
  • CO2 boost control
  • Race timer
  • Transbrake, bump-and-creep control
  • On-board data logging
  • Advanced engine protection
  • Elite Software Programmer (ESP) real time calibration software
  • Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Engine Pressure Ratio
  • Internal 3 bar MAP sensor (up to 29psi/200kPa boost/gauge pressure)
  • Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems
  • Compatible with all Haltech CAN devices and IQ3 dashes
  • This semi-terminated harness is MSD style crank sensor ready and easily connects to distributor, MSD or Promag ignition harness. Also connects directly to Haltech's high output V8 coil-on-plug ignition harnesses which utilize high output IGN1A coils.
  • Tuning Table Resolution up to 32 x 32 x 8.
  • Limitless tuning flexibility. Tune your engine by a combination of 4D tuning tables combined with 3D per cylinder compensations and multiple user definable corrections.
  • Per Cylinder Tuning Correction (3D).
  • Thermocouples/EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). Connect up to 12 Channels via external CAN expansion devices.
  • Nitrous control with advanced programming of wet or dry nitrous kits with on/off delays.
  • 3D ignition corrections.
  • Boost Control - Intelligent 4D closed loop, with flexible user-definable axis and 6 fully user definable corrections.
  • Closed loop idle speed control with learning for consistent idle stability. Requires 1 or 2 user-defined outputs (BAC type).
  • 4D Advanced Torque Management. Based on target driveshaft RPM, target engine RPM, or any other channel.
  • 8 x Over current protected ignition drivers
  • Max current 1A per driver
  • All spare ignition outputs can be used as generic DPOs with 1A max output
  • 9 x User definable DPOs
  • 5 x User definable AVIs available on the main connector
  • Switchable 1K Ohm pull-up resistor for sensors (available to AVI4 and AVI5 only)
  • Up to 20V max input voltage
  • Supports up to 1.5KHz input frequency
  • 2 x User definable DPIs
  • 50KHz max frequency
  • Up to 25V max input voltage
  • Fixed 5V pull up
  • 2 x Engine position inputs with extensive trigger type support
  • 1 x CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN expansion or OBDII
  • 1 x USB connection for programming
  • On-board data Logging, up to 40 channels of logging
  • Fastest sample rate of 5ms
  • 1MB internal storage