Blitz Sbc Electronic Boost Controller Type S

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Brand: BLITZ
Product: Dual SBC Boost Controller - Type-S
Part Num: 15040

Type: Type-S
Solenoid Units: 1

- Accurate boost control is accomplished by high performance solenoid valve.
- Highly visible green LCD. (Turns red under WARNING)
- Boost control has 4 ch.
- Loaded with functions: Digital boost meter, Peak Hold, Scramble, Warning, Limiter, Gain adjustment.
- Manual boost control is also available. Boost is adjustable even when driving.
- Easier control with large switches.
- 6-3waypipe and 4-6 straight joint is newly included for wide variety of vehicle models.
- Heat resistant silicone hoses are used.

Boost Controller:
Accurate, sharp and stable boost control is accomplished by high performance solenoid valve. Adjustment is full digital with 0 to 100 volume scale, unlike the old-fashioned boost controller with physical preset. Smart computer and rotary encoder switch contributes to easy operation.

Boost Meter:
Fully digital controlled real-time boost meter. By employing Blitz original design boost sensor, response/accuracy is impressive.

Peak Hold:
Even though the Dual SBC is adjustable while driving, it may be dangerous under some cases. Therefore, Blitz think that peak-hold function is a must for the boost controller. In any mode, peak value is recorded in the CPU, and can be displayed with a push of a button. Peak value is kept even when the ignition is turned off.

Dual SBC warn the driver with red display when the boost pressure exceeds the pre-set value which was set under warning mode. Warning boost can be set in 1/100th of hkPa. Warning function can be turned off.

Limiter function which automatically lowers the boost setting when the boost pressure reached the warning boost limit. Level of the boost to be lowered can be set by user. Limiter function can be turned off.


This is a great item turbo engine applications looking for a good quality cost effective boost controller. It can memorize 4 different boost levels so you can set maps for various activities such as track days or street driving. The SBC-S also features a boost limiter which can be programmed to prevent over boosting and the associated engine damage. A warning feature also notifies you when you are over boosting.
This is an excellent entry-level boost controller recommended for vehicles running up to 18psi. For higher boost levels, we recommend the Blitz SBC Spec-R boost controller.