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Blitz Sbc Electronic Boost Controller - Type R .

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The SBC Type R (Sequential Boost Controller Type R) is the Newest boost controller offer by BLITZ. this unique boost controller is the cutting edge in boost controller technology. The SBC Type R features the same dual solenoid design as the SBC i-D Spec R for maximum boost response and the capability to hold up to 43.5psi (3.00hkPa). (TypeR twin solenoid valve, TypeS is a single solenoid valve)

  • Adopt a new body and a flat display and compact. Thickness (the thinnest part) 12mm only. Can be mounted on flexible three-piece construction of the valve controller unit
  • Has thinner body of only 12mm can bemounted on the valve controller unit
  • Adopted the new TN liquid crystal display 7-segment display and bar graph high visibility.
  • The newly developed compact, high-performance solenoid valves adopted to correspond also to high flow rates.
  • Achieve stability and rise of boost pressure and response
  • One control channel can be set for "Lo" 2 and "Hi" in the manual control. Equipped with a completely new control algorithm. Suppress the sauce of boost pressure and boost pressure stability. 
  • DUTY value control, value GAIN, P-GAIN value can be set for each channel Standard with boost display, peak hold, warning, limiter, a scramble boost function.
  • By connecting the optional radio was adopted a "Wireless Remote Switch", and channel switching operation can be scrambled at hand.