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Blitz Fatt - Full Auto Turbo Timer .

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Purple Wire – Connect to Ground or hand brake
Black Wire – Connect to Ground
Red Wire – Connect to 12 volt constant
Green Wire – Connect to ignition wire
Blue Wire – Connect to Secondary ignition or Accessory wire


Auto Timer, Manual Timer, Temperature, Battery Voltage, Stop Watch, 5 Lap Times


1. Double check all wire connections. Avoid all plastic or painted surface for ground wire. Bad ground may cause poor actuation of TT and cause the breakdown of the product.

2. Actuation of Air Conditioner
* Depending on the types of automobile, extremely large electric current may flow and cause breakdown of the TT when the TT and A/C is simultaneously actuated. Be sure to turn-off the A/C when the TT is actuated.


1. Remove lower instrument panel
2. Locate the key ignition coupler.
3. Pull out starter coupler and connect the genuine blitz TT harness (sold separately) into the starter coupler.
4. Connect the TT harness to the 3 pin connector
5. Connect the 3 pin harness to the 4 pin harness
6. Ground all black wires. Ground should be metallic portion and avoid painted surfaces.
7. The purple wire should be grounded or hooked up to the hand brake.
• Important: If the parking brake wire is not grounded by either the parking brake or wire ground, the TT will automatically shut off when the key is taken out.

Description of Modes:

1. Automatic Timer A – When the FATT DC is turned on, the Auto Timer mode will be activated. The “Timer A” will be displayed.

To set the minimum time of the auto timer, press the MINUTE button once and the screen will flash. Then press the SECOND button to set the base time between 0 to 50 seconds.

** When A appears, the Auto Timer function is activated. Press the MINUTE button on the Temperature or Battery Voltage display to turn the Automatic Timer on or off. Make sure that the letter A appears. The A means Auto Timer is activated.

THERE are 4 different auto timer modes. Press the MINUTE button twice when in Automatic Timer Mode. The auto timer modes will go as follows:
• A – H → A – S → E – L → E – H → A – L

Press the SECOND button to switch between the modes.

A – L mode – Low Setting - will start to calculate time to automatic function mode after 1800 rpm.
A – H mode – Medium Setting - will start to calculate time to automatic function mode after 1200 rpm.
A – S mode – High Setting – will start to calculate time to automatic function mode after 900 rpm.
E – L mode will add time according to how long the ignition has been on. Roughly 55 minutes per hour.
E – H mode will add time according to how long the ignition has been on roughly 130 minutes per hour.


Press the POWER button twice to get to the manual timer mode. The screen will display “TIMER”. There will not be an A visible.

To set the time of the manual timer, press the MINUTE button to set the number of minutes you want the car to idle after the vehicle has been shut off. Press the SECOND button to set the number of seconds desired. You can choose idling times between 1 to 10 minutes.

**To activate the manual timer, go to the BATTERY or TEMPERATURE display and press the MINUTE button. Make sure the letter A does not appear.

When the unit is first turned on, press the POWER button three times to display the TEMP mode. The temperature sensor is in the control module. The Temp is displayed in Celsius ONLY.

**The Temp is accurate depending on where the module is placed

I think the rest would be self explanatory.

This item is 2nd hand  / used in good working order . 

Also to suit any make & model which has a turbo .