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Arp 2000 Conrod Bolts Set - Sr20det .

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Part Number: 202-6005 
Application: NISSAN 2.0L (SR20DE/DET) 4-CYL 
Press Fit - Rod Bolt Installation 
[1] Please check the part-number(s) for your application 
against the part-number(s) listed on the instruction sheet. 
[2] Make sure there is an adequate chamfer around the top 
of the connecting rod bolt hole to clear the radius under 
the head of the bolt. 
[3] Press the bolts into the connecting rods and install the 
rod caps. 
[4] Use ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant
to lubricate the threads of the bolt and the nut face. Then 
install the nuts onto the bolts and tighten them hand tight. 
[5] ARP recommends using the STRETCH METHOD when 
tightening the bolts. Following the instructions for using a 
stretch gauge, Stretch the bolts to . 0065 - . 0070 . 
[6] If you do not have a stretch gauge, torque the bolts to 
 45 ft-lbs using ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener 
Assembly Lubricant. 
[7] The connecting rods should always be re-sized after new 
rod bolts are installed. 
[8] A log should be kept on the original non-torqued length of 
each bolt. Bolts that have any permanent deformation or 
have increased in non-torqued length by more than .001 
in. should be replaced.