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PLAZMAMAN-Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series 12 Valve Diesel W2A Kit – 1HZ & 1HD-T

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***IMPORTANT - This kit does NOT fit a 105 Series LandCruiser (HZJ105) or 70 series. Plazmaman does not make an intercooler kit to suit these models***

Plazmaman’s premium quality, high performance Water to Air bolt on intercooler kit is to suit the Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series with the 1HZ or 1HD-T 12 valve engine. An intercooler is a must for keeping exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) down, especially with upgraded turbochargers or higher boost pressures. Drops of up to 150Degs in EGT can easily be seen across the rpm range with a good W2A system fitted. Fitment of this intercooler improves fuel economy, increases power by 15-20hp+ at the wheels, and shows even larger gains in torque and throttle response. With the ability to flow 400-500hp in diesel, this intercooler is suitable for all towing, street truck and comp truck applications that have a boost range of 8-28 psi approx.

Why water to air? An air to air intercooler requires constant airflow through the front of the vehicle to be efficient. Whilst this works quite well in street driven vehicles, it’s not ideal for vehicles used in low speed 4WDing applications, as there is little to no airflow in these conditions. With a water to air system, you have a constant flow of cool water circulating through the intercooler core at all times, ensuring that you have all the benefits of increased horsepower and torque whilst climbing the hills!

  • Standard Specifications;
  • Premium high performance Plazmaman W2A bolt on kit for the LandCruiser 80 Series with 1HZ or 1HD-T 12 valve engine.
  • 100% Aussie professionally built components kit with anything that is needed supplied to bolt on.
  • A must to keep exhaust gas temps (EGTs) at a controllable level.
  • Easy 15-20+ hp gains at the wheels, incl better fuel economy and large gains in torque/throttle response.
  • Featuring a compact Plazmaman developed w2a core, developed through the knowledge gained by cooling some of the most powerful and reliable engines in all forms of automotive and diesel.
  • Radiator comes standard with rubber soft mounts to aid vibration damage in rough 4WD conditions.
  • W2A has filler neck built into unit.


  • All premium components
  • 800Hp bolt on Performance W2A Unit.
  • Large multi pass w2a Radiator Unit 620 x 330 x 42mm (550x330x42mm core) with Rubber soft mounts and billet end tanks
  • Piping / silicone / clamps.
  • 23Lp/h Water pump
  • 12 Inch Panasonic Thermo fan
  • Plazmaman coolant
  • All components required to bolt in
  • 4 Meter roll of quality 19mm ID hose.
  • Overflow bottle
  • Relays and wiring kit
  • Instruction manual
  • 100% Plazmaman back up service

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 25 cm