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Plazmaman - MAZDA BT-50 UP-UR 2.2L / 3.2L 2012+ Performance Intercooler Upgrade

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Introducing the ultimate Bolt-On power upgrade Intercooler to suit the 2012 onwards Mazda BT-50 UP-UR 2.2L & 3.2L Turbo Diesel.

***** MASSIVE High Flow 680 x 265 x 76mm PREMIUM QULAITY Tube and fin lightweight intercooler ******

Plazmaman's Tube and Fin Intercooler is by far the most rigid, well constructed and efficient unit on the open market. Our replacement upgrade intercooler has more than double the flow, and some 3 times more surface area of the OEM unit.

Our testing has shown a 7-9 deg rise above ambient temperature (28 degree day) rise only across the whole rpm range. On road tow testing resulted in 12 -13 approx deg above ambient range with a 2.5 tonne boat towed behind. This is a massive improvement considering the OEM ranger Intercooler was showing temperatures well above 60 deg.

The Plazmaman prenium Intercooler unit utilizes all of the OEM mounts and brackets/bolts, with only some small trimming of the plastic trim air ducts required to allow for the thicker core design. This intercooler unit will also fit with all winches on the open market, and also available is an upgraded silicone cold side and hot side hose kit (see other items)

The Intercooler is available in raw or stealth black finish.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 85 × 35 × 25 cm